Prescription hair loss treatment—no in-office visit required

Approximately 50% of men experience hair loss at some stage in their lives. Chalice Health offers confidential online consultations, providing prescription-based hair loss treatments designed to halt this process and encourage regrowth.

How Chalice Health treats hair loss?

1. Health assessment with Our Expert Doctors
Tell us about your condition in an online consultation. 

2. Prescription sent to pharmacy
If a hair loss prescription is recommended after a medical provider reviews your treatment, it will be sent to your pharmacy.

3. Get your medications
Pick up and pay for the medication at the pharmacy of your choice. Or, get it delivered.

Start Your Hair Recovery Journey With A Consult

Are you struggling with hair loss and looking for a solution? We’ve got you covered! Our prescription hair loss treatment is designed to make your life easier and more convenient. You won’t have to worry about scheduling an in-office visit and can say goodbye to the hassle and embarrassment of traditional hair loss treatments. Get ready to enjoy a full head of hair and a boost in confidence. Start your journey today!


  1. Hairline Planning
  2. No Linear Scar
  3. Virtually Pain-Free
  4. High Success Rates
  5. Quick Recovery Time
  6. Permanent and Natural-Looking Results

Chalice Health provides a range of solutions to address hair loss. Below, we’ve spotlighted some of our well-received and budget-friendly choices. However, you also have the flexibility to select different brands and generic medications as per your preference.

Among the options available, our healthcare professionals might recommend medications such as finasteride, Propecia, Avodart, or dutasteride.

Why People Choose Chalice Health for Hair Loss?

Confidential Online Consultations

Expertise and Personalized Care

Convenience and Flexibility