Chalice Pharmaceuticals is a US based company with the mission to deliver quality products that save lives at the most affordable prices. We value collaboration, and are focused on developing and building upon robust relationships and alliances with major pharmaceutical product purchasers across the world

Our leadership team, with nearly a century of combined industry experience, is able to leverage its knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture and market high-quality products including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and supplements at affordable prices without compromising on quality.


Among our growth strategy initiatives:

  • We seek to partner with hospitals, physician’s offices, community health centers, long term care facilities, etc., to create awareness and make available niche, affordable medications to patients.
  • We endeavor to provide sales and marketing services to domestic and international pharmaceutical companies seeking to emerge within the U.S. pharmaceutical market through the implementation of intelligent strategies focused on rapidly and rationally capturing market share. We achieve this on the basis of relationships, value-added services, and superior customer service, versus selling solely on price and/or sacrificing margins. Our focus is to treat each alliance product with importance, and to be able to infiltrate all classes of trade, leaving no opportunity unexplored. In addition, our goal is to collaborate and effectively communicate with partner organizations and to leverage our partner organization’s product(s) within our existing product portfolio.
  • We are interested in developing relationships and partnerships with Contract Manufacturers (CMO) that are seeking a marketer for portfolio products and implementing emerging manufacturing expertise.
  • We are enthusiastically open to partnering with pharmaceutical companies that desire to divest long-term brands that are approaching the end of their life cycles or no longer being actively promoted.

For partnership opportunities, please contact Chalice Pharmaceuticals, LLC