Missionary Work

Missionary Work

Chalice Pharmaceuticals is extremely enthused about giving back to the society on the simple belief that everyone deserves an access to live saving medications including vitamins & minerals, and supplements. We strongly believe everyone has a responsibility to act and make a difference in someone’s life. Hence, we are committed to improving the lives of people around the world, especially in developing countries by providing clinical services, medications, medical devices and clean water for local communities.

Strategic partnership is one of our core values. We seek to work on health issues directly or with strategic partners from various sectors including business, government, and nonprofit organizations to create access to healthcare products that will lead to improved patient’s outcomes.

How We Work

To fulfill this mission, Chalice Pharmaceuticals on a yearly basis strategically partners with selected local communities in various African countries to provide prescription medications for chronic diseases like diabetes, dyslipidemia, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. We also provide vitamins & minerals, and supplements to correct any deficiencies that affect a third of sub-Saharan Africa’s people.


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